Handcraft Blog #3

Handcraft live

2nd august 2019

The Lucerne handcraft market has always stood out for its uniqueness, in which only home-made products are sold. This means, in particular, that no mass-produced goods are offered and you can find unique items made with lo

Handcraft Blog #2

Nadine Barmet

June 1st 2018

I love working with paper and fabric. There are so many beautiful variations of paper that can be processed into a wide variety of articles. I love to paint on sturdy watercolour paper, which I use to make gift tags and cards

Handcraft Blog #1

Hildegard Studer

September 3rd 2017

Traveling and beautiful fabrics have always fascinated me! That is why I buy e.g. my lavender in Nimes and my wonderfully printed fabric with trailing flowers from Florence. At home in my studio, I process these and m