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Handcraft live

2nd august 2019

The Lucerne handcraft market has always stood out for its uniqueness, in which only home-made products are sold. This means, in particular, that no mass-produced goods are offered and you can find unique items made with love. In addition, one also comes into direct contact with the crafters. In times of digital shopping and everyday hectic, this is a welcome change! Since last year, the event "Handcraft live" takes place twice a year during the market, where you can look over the shoulders of the crafters and sometimes even try out a technique yourself. You can watch live how these beautiful things are created and find a gift for your loved ones.
In May 2019, many artisans braved the nasty weather and gave forth a unique atmosphere. There was turning, felting, pottery, painting, folding, sanding and braiding. We are already looking forward to the next issue in September and look forward to your visit.



Text und photography: Michèle Rémy