Handcraft Blog #3

Handcraft live

2nd august 2019

Der Luzerner Handwerksmarkt zeichnet sich seit je her ab durch seine Einzigartigkeit, bei der nur selbst hergestellte Produkte verkauft werden dürfen. Das bedeutet insbesondere, dass keine Massenware angeboten wird und man

Handcraft Blog #2

Nadine Barmet

June 1st 2018

I love working with paper and fabric. There are so many beautiful variations of paper that can be processed into a wide variety of articles. I love to paint on sturdy watercolour paper, which I use to make gift tags and cards

Handcraft Blog #1

Hildegard Studer

September 3rd 2017

Traveling and beautiful fabrics have always fascinated me! That is why I buy e.g. my lavender in Nimes and my wonderfully printed fabric with trailing flowers from Florence. At home in my studio, I process these and m