Guide to the handcraft-market

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1st Handcraft-market


Foundation «Verein Luzerner Handwerker Määrtlüüt» (Association of the Lucerne Handcraft Marketeers)
President: Benno Affolter, advertising and treasurer: Manuela Egger, Actuary: Buchmaier Dolores, Committee: Esther Bazelli and Esther Frei

For the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the city of Lucerne, the hand-craft market was first held on the wine market in 1978. In the years before, a small group of artisans had organized their own Christmas markets and thus laid the foundation for the year-round hand-craft market.

Organized by the Department of Markets of the City Police, the market quickly became a permanent institution and currently has around 70 annual seats. Since then, there is a market every first Saturday of the month from April to December. In December, the craftsmen are also at the wine market on two additional Saturdays and Sundays.